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Enjoy our collection of wines developed from local produce and select vineyards. You are more than welcome to stop by our winery for a tasting.

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  • Pinot Noir 2008

    This red wine is low in tannin with a soft texture, rich in complexity hearty flavor.
    750ml - $16.99
  • Let The Big Dawg Drink

    A blend of 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Merlot Full bodied with soft berry flavors such as blackcurrant and cherries. A great finish with a very nicely rounded with French Oak.
    750ml - $16.99
  • Elegance Vin Rouge 2008

    Marvelous blend of 71% Syrah, 19% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 10% Merlot. Complex in flavor, robust red, displaying deep red color. AWARDED a Silver Medal in the largest USA International Wine competition.
    750ml - $16.99
  • Hot Flash 2007

    A fine blend of Petite Syrah, Malbec, and Shiraz, fruity bouquets and rounded flavors of French oak.
    750ml - $18.99
  • Riesling 2007

    Pale yellow green, light tropical aroma honey and green apple crisp with a nice DRY finish.
    750ml - $15.99
  • P.M.S. 2007

    Our fine blend of Pinot Blanc, Marsanne, and Sauvignon Blanc. A soft texture with hints of coconut and honey with a nice layer of French oak.
    750ml - $18.99
  • Grenache Rose 2009

    A beautiful blush, vibrant, fruity and soft with a clean finish.
    750ml - $15.99
  • Diva 'Licious

    Georgia Peach wine. The prefect balance of fruit flavor, sweetness and acidity
    1500ml - $46.99
    750ml - $26.99
    375ml - $16.99
  • The Skinny Bitch

    Georgia Blueberry wine. Sun ripe Georgia blueberries give this wine the perfect balance sweet and tart
    375ml - $16.99
  • Peach o Peno - Awarded Double Gold 2014

    Georgia Peach wine infused with Jalapeno Pepper. Perfect balance between sweetness and spicy
    750ml - $26.99
  • The Cranky Bastard

    Georgia Blackberry wine. The ultimate blackberry wine, robust, pleasantly after dinner delight
    375ml - $16.99
  • Water Melon Wonder

    Georgia Water Melon wine. Wonderfully light blush, slightly sweet but very easy to drink
    375ml - $16.99
  • Kick Ass

    Orange wine aged in dark chocolate, citrus aroma with a slight chocolate flavor
    750ml - $18.99
  • Absolutely Sinful

    Georgia Ice Style dessert wine. Fermented with high vanilla oak and aged with coca beans
    500ml - $30.00
  • Cosmo Craze

    Cranberry wine - not to tart and not to sweet, excellent balance of acidity and the fresh flavors of the cranberry. A great wine for your Cosmopolitan
    750ml - $18.99
  • Chardonnay 2009

    Medium body and well balanced, small hints of vanilla, tropical fruits and honey
    750ml - $18.99
  • Cabenet Sauvignon 2006

    Full bodied, complex flavor with dark plum aroma nicely covered in a layer of French oak
    750ml - $18.99
  • Cynthiana aka Norton 2008

    The aroma has exceptionally ripe concentration, jammy, and a light spicy nose
    750ml - $18.99
  • Red Chardonnay

    We took our regular chardonnay and added the grape skins of the Cabernet Sauvignon and Cynthiana to the juice. We chill this wine which has a nice and light structure. We slightly aged this wine in French oak
    750ml - $18.99
  • Geordeaux 2008

    An award winning blend of Georgia grown Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Dry full bodied, hints of black currant great dry finish
    750ml - $18.99


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Boutier Winery can personalize your labels for those special occasion or for promotional gifts.

187ml bottles are available with American varietals listed below. This is a very popular size for a wedding favor.
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